This guide will walk you through a lot of the mental and emotional pain that we deal with as women when it comes to loving our bodies. 

It’s difficult to be motivated to make lifestyle changes when we feel like we’ve failed so many times in the past. But if you trust and believe that you are worth feeling confident in your body, that’s where the true transformation occurs.

It doesn’t happen with another diet, or a silly pill, or fancy trendy meal delivery services. It happens with your belief in yourself and changing your mindset to loving yourself right now as you are. 

I want to teach you the mentality, that once you begin to believe  your body  WILL follow. It’s a beautiful transformation that begins in your heart, travels through your mind and spirit, and manifests in your physical body.

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What are people saying?
"What I have learned working with Jamie is how to love my body more. I was able to go the beach and feel confident, and what even made me feel 100 times better was getting to go out for my birthday, wear a dress and heels and actually feel sexy for the first time in a long time

And hearing people say, 'Wow, you look great!' just made it even better. The pictures you see are from when I first met Jamie Michelle through December 2017, and I can finally say there is a huge difference from when I first met her. 
- Faith Riley
"When I saw Jamie’s request for people interested in going through a 6-week health and wellness coaching session, I jumped on it right away. Jamie’s request came a time where I had been a bit down and unhappy, and my “go to” medicine has often been weight loss through extensive exercise and dieting

But guiding me to the change in my psychology I needed, was priceless. I highly recommend Jamie as the coach who will not only assist you in changing the way you appear externally, she will help you change how you appear internally. That’s where the real work gets done."

 - Xoxo Valerry Mannarino